What Does Health Care Have to Do with Golf?

Dave Pelz (left) with Phil Mickelson before 2008 Open Championship

I don’t care what your politics are, this is still one of the strangest introductions to a New York Times op-ed story I’ve ever read. I know that Tom Friedman is a golfer (he occasionally writes for Golf Digest), but still…

Anyhow, always happy to see praise heaped on my friend, and occasional writing partner, Dave Pelz, as Mr. Friedman has done. And yes, it is absolutely true that working on one part of your game often helps a completely different—and seemingly unrelated—part of your game.

I’m actually going through the same thing right now: Having been working on my full swing (a simple tip from a friend to keep my irons on-plane), my short game has greatly improved. While at Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic last week (more on that soon!), I twice holed out from about 70 yards away and nearly holed a Phil-like flop shot from way down a hill alongside a perched green; left it on the lip. And yes, I have witnesses.

If you’d like some help with your short game, which might ooze into your long game as well, I strongly urge you to pick up any of Dave Pelz’s terrific books. I’m particularly partial to the Dave Pelz Short-Game Bible and Dave Pelz Putting Bible, both of which I helped write. They’ve been available for years and are still selling well and are still—and I say this in all honesty with only a little bit of partiality—excellent primers to the two most important parts of the game.

Thank you, Tom Friedman. Thank you, Dave Pelz.

And from the shameless shilling dept.: You can find the Pelz books in bookstores, online (try Amazon), and at Dave’s own website (where you also can find great tips and other Pelz products).

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