Country Club Casual, Indeed: Denim Gets In The Door

Sorry, no good. Shirt and shoes are still required!

I must admit to being more than a little surprised when, earlier this year, my very low-key country club sent a letter to its members announcing that blue jeans are now allowed on the premises. Not on the golf course, not on the driving range, not in the fancy dining room, mind you, and only jeans in good shape (not tattered), clean, and appropriate. Even though I’d wear jeans almost every day of the year if I could, I was surprised: I’ve been telling my guests for years that denim was denied at my club and all others. It would simply never occur to me to wear it. But now?

So imagine my further surprise when I saw this article in today’s Wall Street Journal (part of their fashion coverage, not sports) indicating that jeans are finding acceptance at more and more private clubs. While it’s not evidence that the country is going to hell in a hand basket, it’s still something of a shock. Okay, a good shock.

OMG, could collarless shirts be next?

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