Will the Golf Media Stay Quiet?

There are all sorts of fascinating ideas and revelations in this Washington Post article about Tiger Woods and celebrity journalism. Most important is the fact that some of the golf media had to know about Tiger’s affairs for years but wouldn’t say anything–except among themselves, usually in bars or press rooms. Were they afraid to be cut off from what little access Team Tiger already offered? Were they afraid of harming the game’s image? Did they truly think, as someone says in the article, that such material is only suitable for gossip rags and sites?

So to anyone who added the golf media to the list of Tiger’s enablers, I must agree. It will now be interesting to see if those of us who follow golf on a regular basis turn up the lights, focus in the microscope, and begin talking more about some of the dirt we’ve been keeping to ourselves all these years.

Yes, Tiger’s troubles will have real long-term effects on the game.

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