Play Legendary British Open Holes with NFL Legends

The Parmates caddies are just one of the minor differences between golf in Vegas and Scotland.

Well sort of.

The NFL legends part is accurate, more than 60 of them, including some not so legends, with the big names being Andre Rison, Ricky Watters, J.J. Stokes, Rodney Harrison, Billy Joe Tolliver and Ed “Too Tall” Jones.

The British Open holes refer to the recreations of these famed holes at Las Vegas’ Royal Links golf course. The course is pleasant and entertaining enough to play, even if the homages are not always accurate. My most distinct memory of playing it was saying to my partner “I don’t remember a water hazard on the Postage Stamp at Royal Troon.” Whatever. This is Vegas and it’s about entertainment and whatever deficiencies Royal Links may have in the accuracy department, it makes up for it with something you certainly won’t find in Scotland: hot caddies.

That’s right, the Parmates. As Brittani says right on the website “Forget everything you have heard about caddie services. The Parmates team is made up of beautiful girls…. Imagine a beautiful girl performing the role of an efficient caddie while also demonstrating a great outgoing personality and providing any encouragement you may need to improve your game.” You can learn more about the Parmate of the month (Casi right now), at the Royal Links website.

But I digress.

This tournament was just written up by my friend Brandon Tucker at As Brandon points out, it is far less expensive than most PGA Tour pro-ams, which readers will know are a passion of mine I have written on several times (here, here, here and here). This event is a 4-day package that includes transfers, upscale lodging, and the golf is split between Royal Links and sibling course Desert Pines, both among the better layouts in Vegas and both written up in more detail through Brandon’s Travel piece. Just click here for the complete info.

Hurry, the event is June 2-6.

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