Headcovers for a good cause

Ernie Els carries this lion headcover from Daphne's when he plays onthe PGA Tour. When you carry it, you help support his charitable foundation.

Ernie Els carries this lion headcover from Daphne's when he plays on the PGA Tour and when you carry one, it helps his charity.

I admit I never bought a Golden Retriever headcover to change the world. I bought one because I love Golden Retrievers.

But when I went to look for a lucky driver cover for “the big dog,” the best one I could find was made by Daphne’s Headcovers, so I bought it. Only later would I discover that Daphne’s is a remarkable company that combines excellent craftsmanship with extensive charitable efforts.

Daphne’s is a family owned company that has carved out a niche making animal headcovers, and they make just about everything you could imagine, from virtually every breed of dog (I’m talking obscure, like Bichon, Shih Tzu, Westie) and cat (pink calico, gray tabby) to birds, reptiles and barnyard animals (bulls, lambs, roosters). With more than 175 models, if there is an animal you love, chances are good Daphne’s makes it. Better yet, if a golfer you know loves animals, it’s the gift that can’t miss.

The quality is also superb. I have two golden covers, and once in awhile when one has seen to much mud and Scottish rain, I toss it in the wash and switch, and they come out good as new. I’ve had one for at least 7 years, and it gets a lot of wear and tear, and you would never know I didn’t buy it yesterday. They are very thick and well lined, and I actually think that when I toss my clubs in a travel bag, my driver is much better protected than it would be by the stock Titleist head cover. We’re talking form and function!

I am not sponsored by Daphne’s, even though it might sound that way. I just think they make a hell of a product. But they do work with plenty of pro athletes, usually supporting their individual charities. Australian star Aaron Baddely sports a koala headcover, and in conjunction with the Australian Koala Foundation and Save the Koala Foundation, a portion of every model sold goes to the charities. Yellow Labrador headcovers signed by Justin Leonard, and modeled on his lab Sunday, help support the ASPCA, while Ernie Els sports a lion for his Ernie Els Fancourt Foundation. Former MLB manager Tony LaRussa’s parrot supports his Animal Rescue Foundation, and other charities represented include Caddie for a Cure, Susan G Komen, First Book, and manyothers.

So buy more than a headcover next time you go to a golf shop or visit Daphne’s online. Buy someone or some creature a little bit of hope.

The author's caddie at the pro-am of the Canadian Open putting the big dog away, complete with the beloved Golden Retreiver headcover.

The author's caddie at the pro-am of the Canadian Open, putting his beloved Golden Retreiver headcover on the big dog.

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