Life in Golf’s Happy Place

Wyndham's Reunion Resort is one fo the many top golf communities buyers might consider in Orlando.

Pop Quiz: What US city attracts nearly 50 million tourists each year, far more than either New York or Las Vegas?

If you guessed Orlando, you are right. Obviously, Walt Disney World, aka “The Happiest Place on Earth,” has a lot do it with it, but so does golf. There are tons of good public golf courses and resorts in the Orlando areas, and the fact that several of them are in Disney is a happy coincidence. There are also top private courses – like Isleworth for instance, where one Tiger Woods famously lives, or lived, depending how you look t it.

But the reason so many PGA Tour players live in Orlando is not for its many golf courses or theme parks, but rather its weather, its excellent airport with easy connections to everywhere, here and abroad, and its lack of income tax. The fact that there are surprisingly affordable gated golf communities they can live and practice in does not hurt either. It’s shocking, given its roster of athletic All-Stars, but even Isleworth is a lot cheaper than comparable communities in many top golf locales.

Ever dreamed of being like Tiger and having a golf home or second-home in Orlando?

You have come to the right place.

For over two years I wrote the most popular and widely read column on second-home real estate in the English language. My “Life on Vacation” column ran every Friday in USA Today, which also happens to be the number one newspaper in, you guessed it, the USA.

As a result, I cover lots of golf real estate and first and second homes in golf destinations, and periodically I bring you detailed and useful info on one of North America’s best such locations for a golf-based home.

This week I feature Orlando. Here is more information on Orlando golf packages, to help you preview the destination, try before you buy.

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