Martin Kaymer to Win Masters, Shooting 273

Can the winner of the 2010 PGA Championship nab another Major at the Masters this weekend? Yup!

As loyal readers know, I was the first pundit this side of Germany to recognize the greatness that was Martin Kaymer, heralding his ascent and predicting he would finally step into that huge void the media has been harping about the last several years, the role of “the next Tiger.” While I doubt anyone will accomplish what the phenomenal Mr. Woods has done to date (with more to come I hope!), Kaymer is the best non-Tiger player in the world today, and has shown incredible mental toughness and the ability to finish begin Majors. It is no surpise that he very quickly became World Number One in both rankings, an incredible feat to accomplish so fast, whereas most famous golfers playing today have never been number one.

So without further adieu, I am letting you know that I just turned in my Masters pool entry, and I have picked Martin Kaymer to win it all, and as a tie breaker, selected his final score at 273.

I won’t be watching any of the Masters for a variety of reasons, the biggest being that I am not a big fan of long term welfare programs, they don’t give people a hand up, but rather stop them form helping themselves, and this is the case with Augusta National. As long as the public will carry all the costs of running their club and course through TV rights and merchandise, they will never have an incentive to behave rationally, and while there are plenty of ultra-private rich men’s clubs I have no problem with, the others are not hypocritical in taking that snooty position while relying entirely on the American public to pay for their playground. I can’t be part of that, would rather make my charitable contributions elsewhere, and thus, won’t be tuning in and generating ad revenues for the folks in green jackets.

So I will have to wait till Monday and read in the paper how my top three fared:

Martin Kaymer
Tiger Wood
Padraig Harrington

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