Two Great New Books – Co-starring Me!

The latest book from acclaimed golf writer Michael Patrick Shiels teaches you how to have more fun in life!

Need something to read on the plane? On the beach? On your way to the golf course? Here are two recommendations that have something in common: yours truly.

Michael Patrick Shiels is a fellow member of TheAPosition, blogs at Travel Tattler, and is a very well-known golf journalist and radio personality, and the author of numerous golf and non-golf books including Short Game For Dummies,; Good Bounces and Bad Lies (with Ben Wright); The Works of Art (with Arthur Hills) and Secrets of the Great Golf Course Architects.

His latest is Invite Yourself to the Party, just released last month, and it is part memoir, part advice, part rollicking story of a life well lived. Michael’s premise is that in order to have a good time you have to want to have a good time, and instead of waiting for things to happen, you should make them happen – thus, you have to invite yourself to the party, something he has been doing all around the world for two decades. Michael recounts his adventures and meetings with celebrities and royalty, his golf trips, basically the parties to which he has invited himself, along with concert advice on how you can do the same.

How do I fit in? I was with Michael on a golf trip to Thailand, and he recounts the story of how we went out for a night of Thai boxing and dinking and needed up turning the tables on the bookies who fix the fights.

Dan Dunn's rolicking new book is all about going through life drunk.

Dan Dunn is another golf lover, but his real specialty is booze. Dan’s website is TheImbiber and he pens a very popular column of the same name for Playboy Magazine and His books is also a funny mostly memoir tale of adventures, revolving around booze. His writing follows in the footsteps of his mentor, since Dunn has the unique claim of having been a personal assistant to the late great Hunter S. Thompson, and he continues the gonzo tradition with his brand new book – out tomorrow – Living Loaded. The name sort of says it all. We think we have it good because we are paid to play golf, Dan thinks he has it good because he is paid to drink, and needless to say, that gives him access to some very funny adventures, all recounted here.

As an added bonus, it includes a dozen original signature cocktails created by top mixologists like Dale DeGroff just for the book.

My role? I was with Dan at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Classic two years ago (Dan will be leading a panel at this year’s event), during which I not only got to play the most famous course in the nation drunk, but got to spend a weekend with Dan, some hot cougar sisters, and – well you’ll have to buy the book.

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