Twelve Ways to Enjoy a Better Life

Your life’s planner?

If life is a journey, here is my AAA list of helpful tips that I remind myself to keep me on path.  Enjoy your journey!


Keep moving. Our bodies are designed to be in motion.  Exercise to keep your magnificent body tuned.

Be still and quiet. When not in motion, it’s good to observe and quiet yourself, and savor the moment.

Practice forgiveness. All forgiveness is essentially self-forgiveness – a gift to ourselves.

Practice the ritual of gratitude. All of life is a gift and miracle so take time to notice and appreciate it.

Keep learning. Being engaged with the miracle of life draws more life to us.

Lighten up and laugh. Life is better viewed from a sense of humor.

Be considerate and courteous of others. Help others along their journey and you will smooth out yours.  Just be kind!

Watch your diet. Take in moderate proportions of healthy food, clean water, and loving positive information.

Be charitable and serve others, but don’t forget to feed and nourish yourself first.

Be yourself. Be authentic and true to yourself while avoiding pretense.

Live with integrity and honesty. Keep your word, and be dependable and reliable.

Learn to say, “I’m sorry,” “I love you,” and “Thank you.”



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