The Checklist-The Canvas Belt

We have nothing against belts. They hold up your pants and can add that final dash to your look, the way the garnish completes a cocktail or sea salt finishes your dish. But we do want to know who introduced the black leather belt with the silver tip and buckle to golf. We’re not happy about it—the golf wardrobe was doing just fine before, ok, maybe not great but a lot less gauche, and it was simply not necessary. Maybe this guy could pull it off, but when you’ve won double-digit majors you can wear whatever you damn well want (notice we said wear). You, on the other hand, look like the assistant manager at the grocery store or a city councilman from New Mexico.

Fortunately the silver-tipped belt has just about run its course. But contrary to what you might be seeing, the White Belt is not a viable substitute, unless you happen to be British, under 30, weigh less than your last two 18-hole scores added together and have the accompanying wardrobe and shoes to match it.

What to do? The Checklist is interested in getting you out of your blowsy, dated golf uniform and into clothes that could walk off the course and straight to the cocktail lounge, the birthday party or anywhere ladies might be present (trust us, that white belt is not sending out the right messages there).

The answer for your waist is this: a simple canvas belt, utilitarian buckle, neutral color. It works with any type of pant, is not constrictive in hot weather, and you can actually wear it off he golf course without being laughed at.

There are any number of canvas belts on the market, from dressier versions by Lacoste, Banana Republic and Orvis to the shamefully affordable. We like this D-ring from Land’s End, for all of $25.

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