Bourbon-Jim Beam

Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey White Label

80 Proof, Jim Beam Distilling Co.

I don’t know if I’ll give a lower rating to another bourbon in these reviews than I do to Jim Beam. It’s possible I’ll get around to rating Virginia Gentleman or something like that a zero, but it’s also possible such bottom-shelf bottles will have more going on than the Beam.

To me, Beam comes across as hot, thin industrial plonk. For something that claims to be “The World’s Finest Bourbon,” it’s unbalanced and one-dimensional and can’t even cloak its modest proof well. There are mild aromas of orange and other citrus on the nose, along with a light heathery notes, but on the palate it turns bitter and oily rather than creamy, with wood and hints of sherry coming in on the short finish.

Beam is a great distillery with a distinguished history, and all the Beam descendants have done more for bourbon than just about any other humans on earth. But even at the flexible price point there are quite a few bourbons that embarrass the White Label. Oh well, people like it and something has to pay the bills, but if you have to drink it, mix it with coke.

Score: 1

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