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Beer FAQ


In the sudsy realm of my life, the question I hear most often, and quite often, is the impossible-to-answer, “What’s your favorite beer?” The second most frequently asked question I hear comes when I pull out some beer not hitherto known to the questioner, who asks in near-wonderment, “Where did you get that?” It’s as if I’d traveled to some distant locale and cut through jungle brush to bring this exotic beer back alive.

Birdies and Brews Part 3: Vermont


Okay, but where in Vermont? No, all of Vermont. The latest Brewers Association stats put Vermont at the head of the list–the state with the most breweries per capita–and all of them are craft breweries.

Vermont is not a huge state–slightly more than 600,000 souls call it home, and there are more senators in the U.S. Congress than the lone congressman. A head to foot (or vice versa) traversal is doable in about two and a half hours, and one is never too far away from the next good beer or golf course.