Burn Fat, Play Golf Longer, Part II

The second installment of progress reports from a weight-loss program designed for golfers.


Having completed the two-week “clean” eating regimen that kicks off the “Weight Loss for Golfers” program, I’m on to the one-by-one reintroduction of certain foods to see if they produce adverse reactions. So far, so good — that is, I’ve thus far discovered no food allergies; and though there are a couple of foodstuffs yet to be tested, major dietary components like dairy seem to agree with my digestive system.


As was true in my previous dispatch about the program devised by weight loss coach Larry Jacobs, the numbers are good: My weight’s down by roughly 13 pounds and, more importantly, the feeling of “bulk” is definitely diminished, as is my waist size. I’ve also trimmed the blood pressure by a few millimeters of mercury, though variable results make it difficult to quantify precisely.


In fact, if I have a concern, it’s that the program works almost too well: The dramatic initial results threaten to trigger the “always-available-option” response and thus non-compliance, particularly as I’m not battling morbid obesity.


(This is further complicated by external circumstances, like a recent visit home to celebrate my father’s 91st birthday. Shared meals give me a chance to get him to eat more, but at this point, he’s not about to reach for the tofu.)


Luckily for me, the next step in Jacobs’ “Thin for Life” discipline is a set of individualized guidelines to help achieve the desired end. At this point, I’m predisposed to think that the experience will be transformational, even as my diet continues to include the odd verboten items.


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