Natalie Gulbis: One Man’s Guilty Pleasure

Natalie Rocking My World

I was asked recetly for my golfing guilty pleasure? I say this with a somewhat red face and some trepidation, it’s Natalie Gulbis.

Yes, I visit her website somewhat frequently (okay, every day) to check on what Natalie is doing, what she is thinking and how she is looking (okay, a lot on how she is looking).

I mean, it’s cool right? My fascination with Ms. Gulbis is totally professional, or at least that’s what I tell myself. Sure, she’s pretty and sexy and blonde and….all that. But she is talented too and I admire her for her skill at hitting a golf ball more than anything else. I think. Heck, she’s even won an LPGA tournament, quite appropriately, in France, of all places. Natalie belongs in Paris, don’t you think?

I almost met Nat once, at the U.S. Women’s Open in Newport, R.I. a few years back. She was walking off the putting green and strolled by me on her way to the driving range. I was going to give her my card and tell her I would like to set up an interview. But I couldn’t open my mouth to get the words out and that was that. My buddies told me that I had the remains of an ice cream bar dangling off my beard when Natalie walked by, so it was probably best that I didn’t utter a sound. Ah, she walked like a vision….okay, cut it out!

No, I haven’t purchased her calendar. My wife won’t allow it. But she can’t stop me from going on Natalie’s website, which is where I’m going right now.

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