Meeting MPS

Q: What kind of radio program is “MPS in the Morning?”

MPS: “It’s a talk show, but I do a lot of listening because we have as many as 15 news-making guests each morning. I interview politicians, business leaders, coaches and athletes, authors, celebrities, entertainers, journalists, and interesting people from all walks of life: people who are important to Michigan.

Q:Who are some of the guests who have appeared on MPS in the Morning?

MPS: “Governor Jennifer Granholm, Senator John McCain, Governor Mitt Romney, Governor Mike Huckabee, Coach Tom Izzo, Jane Seymour, Wayne Gretzky, Cheryl Ladd, Secretary of State Terry Lynn Land, Congressman Bart Stupak, Paul Anka, Chris Ilitch, Dick DeVos, and Stephen Kircher, name a few. We also talk weekly with State Senator Jason Allen from Traverse City and House Republican Leader Kevin Elsenheimer, from Bellaire.”

Q: Have you interviewed President Barack Obama?

MPS: “Not yet. He doesn’t do much radio because radio is unpredictable. But I’ve interviewed a lot of people close to him.”

Q:If someone wants to be a guest on “MPS in the Morning,” how do they do it?

MPS: They can contact my producer, Amanda K. Wall – she is our “Chief of Staff.” She can be reached at People are also welcome to call during the show with comments at 888-900-9966. I get listener email at Our website is

Q: The Michigan Association of Broadcasters named you “Network Morning Radio Personality of the Year” for the past two years. Why?

MPS: “Those were very flattering honors. I can only suppose it is because I am non-partisan, not arrogant, and spend every morning trying to entertain and inform listeners in a friendly, funny manner. I think listeners don’t need to be told what to think. They’re smart enough to make up their own minds based on what they hear the interviewees say.”

Q: Who were your mentors in radio?

MPS: “When I was a younger man living in Detroit, I had the good fortune to work for two morning radio hosts who have since been enshrined in the National Radio Hall of Fame: J.P. McCarthy and Dick Purtan. I owe my careers to them – particularly J.P. We sometimes play tapes of him on my program and I do all I can to emulate the standards he implemented every single day.”

Q: What does “MPS in the Morning” offer besides newsmaker interviews?

MPS: “Weather with the legendary meteorologist John McMurray – he lets the skiers, golfers, fishermen and farmers know what to expect.  We have news with anchorman Gary Austin; ; a business report with Chris Holman; and plenty of interesting music and audio mixed in by our technical director Frank Malcangi – we call him our “Officer of the Watch.”

Q: What are you like? What are your interests?

MPS: “In addition to radio, I have authored seven books and write articles for magazines and newspapers. Beyond that, I’m 41 years old. I love travel, first and foremost. I play golf. I enjoy the water and being on the water. I read, play a little tennis, and attend special events. People interest me, and I surround myself with them. I must have hundreds of friends. I’m very lucky.”

Q:  What books have you written?

MPS: All non-fiction. I’ve collaborated with the likes of Larry King, Donald Trump, golf course architect Arthur Hills (who designed Bay Harbor) and Emmy Award-winning television golf announcer Ben Wright. I’ve written a “For Dummies” book. My most recent title is “Secrets of the Great Golf Course Architects.” I interviewed Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Pete Dye, Tom Fazio and many others for that book.”

Q: MPS in the Morning is headquartered in Lansing?

MPS: “The show was founded in Charlevoix, but yes, it was moved to Lansing in order to be able to better cover the political action that affects everyone in the state. Having said that, we sometimes broadcast from the WJNL Traverse City studios on Front Street or from various Northern Michigan locations, including Boyne, Mackinac Island, Crystal Mountain, and more. We love spending time in the Traverse City and Petoskey areas.”

March 11, 2009
“Meeting MPS”
Originally printed in the Talk of the North

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