Casa de Campo: Warrior Week in Review


Polo as it was meant to be played. Love the boots!

There was never a dull moment at Casa de Campo. Here are but a few of the sporting life highlights of this Golf Road Warrior.

1. Shooting traps and skeets at the Safari Club. No one was more surprised than me when I shot that fluorescent orange thingy in the sky into smithereens. Thank to assistant shooting instructor, Hermogenes Guerrero, my Beretta was smokin.’

Golf Road Warriors take a shot at skeets

2. Scoring the first goal at the donkey polo event. It was hilarious chaos and the most fun you’ll ever have on your ass with a broom.

Rosita and I score the first goal in donkey polo

3. Almost nailing an ace on Dye Links, the perfect warm-up course here at Casa de Campo.

4. Sunset, shrimps and Chardonnay at the Marina aboard one of the mega yachts courtesy of Marine Trading Services.

5. Watching a real polo match and coveting those knee-high leather boots and the superb horsemanship.

6. Learning some meringue hip swivels on Minitas Beach.

7. Enjoying a deep-tissue golf ball massage with Celeste at The Spa.

Where are we? Caribbean or Tuscany?

8. Playing 63 holes of Pete Dye-designed golf without leaving the property—from seaside tees at Teeth of the Dog to dramatic Cliffside fairways teetering over the Chavon River.

9. Being transported to a replica of a 16th century Tuscan village, Altos de Chavon, complete with 5,000-seat amphitheatre—only ten minutes from the beach.

10. Basking in the warm hospitality of our Casa de Campo hosts. Gracias.





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