What’s wrong with Tiger?

OK, we learned Tiger Woods really isn’t a fan of “Dora: The Explorer.” We saw he is sporting a new beard. I’ll say it is interesting, and leave it at that. He acknowledged that Rory McIlroy’s swing is better at 22 than his was at a similar age.

We also found out Woods isn’t coming back until he’s 100 percent healthy, a departure from the past.

However, we still haven’t learned what’s exactly wrong with Woods. What kind of knee and ankle injuries are sidelining him for nearly three months and counting?

I mean, guys suffer broken bones in football and return to the field within three months. Yet Woods’ injuries still won’t allow him to take full swings.

Prior to his press conference Tuesday, I thought there was a possibility Woods had undergone surgery on either the knee or ankle. Woods, though, said he hadn’t been under the knife.

That’s good news, I suppose. Clearly, though, he has a serious health problem.

I’m not a doctor, and don’t play one on TV, but it appears as if Woods’ issue could be of the chronic variety. Four knee operations have taken their toll. Perhaps they weakened the knee to the point where Woods can’t swing on it anymore. It’s already been suggested Woods could be in line for a knee replacement, sooner than later.

Woods got a bit feisty about the age issue yesterday, saying he’s only 35. Yes, that’s what it says on his birth certificate. However, there’s a young 35 and an old 35. We know where Woods falls there, given the wear and tear on his body.

Woods is making the right move by not playing until he is ready to go. I’d be shocked if he plays in the British Open. We don’t need a repeat of the Players Championship.

Just how long Woods stays out remains to be seen. The bigger question in my mind: When he comes back, how long will he able to play before going to the sidelines again?




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