Revolved Warrior for a Healthy Back

Modified Revolved Warrior is a great posture to help increase shoulder turn and improve flexibility and health for the back.  A ‘must do’ stretch for all golfers!

Start in cat pose.  Step left leg forward (shown).  Bring your hands to prayer position and rotate towards the left knee hooking the right elbow to the outside of the left leg.  (If this is too intense, stay with the torso pointing forward or use the right hand to the outside of the leg rather than the elbow).  Be mindful of the back knee and your balance.  A more advanced variation is to tuck the back toes and lift the back knee in a raised runner position for the full Revolved Warrior.  This will challenge your balance.  Hold for 5-10 deep breaths, and then switch sides.

If you play a lot of golf or hit a lot or range balls you will notice one side of the spine much tighter than the other.  Because golf is a ‘single sided’ sport, a tight back on one side is hard to avoid.  This imbalance can often lead to injuries. 

Spinal twists such as Modified Revolved Warrior bring the body and spine back into balance.  A powerful tool in preventing back injuries in golf.

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