Swing Thoughts? Interfering With Your “Inner Calm”?

Reflect back to a time when you were playing your best golf?  Did you have a lot of swing thoughts? Were you obsessing about the mechanics of your left elbow on the down swing?  Probably not. 

Most people play their best golf in a very relaxed and calm state.  Vision54 (ranked #1 Golf School by Golf Magazine) talks about “being fully present through your senses in the Play Box”.  The quieter the mind is, the easier it is to be “fully present” to a golf shot.  Thinking about swing mechanics will only hinder your ability to remain “fully present”.  Some players need to practice quieting the mind with exercises such as yoga and meditation.  Others find that giving the mind something else to think about, such as visualizing the target, sensing their timing and rhythm or feeling the golf shot, helps to distract the inner chatter and gets them focused over a golf shot. 

Find what works best for you.  Practice “being fully present”  just as much as you practice your golf  swing and you will see amazing results.


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