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Fat Dogs

Pudge patiently waits for the 'Walk' command.

Oh my, my.  It’s official.  The gravy train is over because, according to the vet, my dogs are fat.  Yep,… Read more »

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Criers and Whiners

Crying and whining magnet golf ball

Always in the hunt for new ways to play this most diffcult game called golf and make it more fun, how about this: ‘Criers… Read more »


Winter Skin Care

What IS this?  See the last paragraph.....

As golf season winds down and winter woes return to the northern U.S., don’t forget to take care of one… Read more »


Keys Disease

Lobster Pirate

  Anticipation sets in as I head to one of the most beautiful places on earth:  the Florida Keys.  Oddly… Read more »