Geared Up and Ready to Roll

At 24"x15"x13" the Model 3.0 will fit in any trunk.

Clicgear’s newest pushcart – known as Model 3.0 ($200) – is lighter and more user-friendly (read: easier to lift, fold, unfold and push) than any cart I’ve ever rolled. Albeit, my experience has been limited until now. Long ago, I put pushcarts in the “Things I’ll Do When I’m Retired” category. This was mostly a response to the advent of the motorized walking cart. (Really? Because using four fingers and two thumbs in order to propel a cart forward is too hard?)

Either way, I am far from retired. It seems like I’m just getting started in fact. But as I’ve watched friends go from shoulder straps to wheels, I’ve come to realize a couple of things. First, they’ve been walking more often than I have. Second, when we walk together, they don’t have to worry about tight shoulders when it comes time to hit driver on the 18th hole.

Until this past season, I didn’t either…no matter how many rocks, water bottles and old shoes these pushcarters stuffed inside my bag.

So now, I’m slowly making the transition into joining the rolling cart crowd and hoping to do so without taking too much ribbing from my friends. And having the Clicgear Model 3.0 has helped. Folded up, it measures just 24-inches tall, 13-inches wide and 15-inches deep – so it doesn’t stand out in my trunk. Unfolded, it has wheels that won’t go flat because they hold no air – so it’s low maintenance. And whether I’m pushing it uphill or lifting it into the car, it is exceptionally light.

Light Enough to Carry, Solid Enough to Push

I certainly prefer to walk and to do so comfortably, I still like to carry TaylorMade’s Micro-Lite Stand Bag ($130) on my shoulders. But, if I’m playing a second round in one day or even three rounds over a weekend, pushing is better than riding in a golf cart, and burns twice as many calories. Fortunately, my Micro-Lite fits well on the Clicgear, and together they seem to weigh less than the one brick and the bottle of unopened Gatorade I found when I transferred my clubs into the Micro-Lite in the first place.

I like to think I’m not growing older, just wiser.

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