Martin Kaymer, Dressed Like Old West Outlaw, Loses in Shootout

If you were to refer to the Match Play Championship, held at Tucson’s Dove Mountain recently, as “a shootout,” then runner-up Martin Kaymer was dressed for the part.  Wearing a “Buff”– a sort of scarf/facemask combo that could prove as popular with bank robbers as it  does with fishermen, mountain bikers, skiers and other outdoorsmen– Kaymer rode off into the desert sunset with a powerful new fashion statement for golf.  Even if he didn’t take the saddlebag of first prize money, too.

Kaymer, who has shown true grit in his ascension to World #1, sported the Buff to fend off unexpectedly cold weather in Arizona.  Unfortunately, he didn’t fend off Luke Donald.

For those of you who have been waiting since sans-a-belt pants for a new look to sport on the course, the Buff comes in an almost infinite numbers of patterns and designs and can be worn in a dozen ways.  It’s available in Coolmax Extreme fabric that wicks sweat– keeping you cool in the heat, warm in the cold, and always dry while it blocks 95% of UV rays.  For more info visit the cool website at

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