An Amazing Story

This is one of those stories sure to affect you no matter what your political beliefs are, no matter what you think of the military, no matter your opinion of the wars America is engaged in.

It’s about two young people, and the reason it means something to me is that I’ve met the young woman. She went to high school with my daughter. They weren’t especially good friends, but they are the same age, very much alike in background, education, geography, and what you might call economic prospects.

Then this young woman met a young man and her life changed.

It’s a sad story, it’s a happy story, a story that for all I know is playing itself out over and over again across this country. I guess you would call it a tale of courage and determination, of fate and luck. (Be sure to click on the link to view the photographs.)

Read it and I promise you’ll think differently about many things in this country, not least your view of  “Millennials” or “Gen Y” or whatever label these 20-somethings carry.

I’ve said for a long time that I can’t wait for my children’s generation to take the reins, to really get involved and govern and try to cast the world in their view.

This is just one more example of why I am hopeful about the future.

Please pass this story on. And let me know what you think.

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