Hackers’ Hopes for the Holidays

Who’s at fault if Mr. Red’s ball hits Mr. Green, Mr. Blue, or Mr. Yellow? Good question…

It’s rarely a good thing when golf and the legal system collide. But for golfers not blessed with pinpoint accuracy, a recent ruling in a New York state court regarding liability on the course is likely a good thing. As reported in The New York Times, a golfer who did not yell “fore” before hitting a shot that struck (and in this case severely injured) another golfer is not necessarily liable. The judge ruled that since the stricken golfer was not in the expected line of flight of the ball, yelling fore wasn’t necessary. Also, simply being on a golf course assumes a certain amount of risk. (Don’t we all know that!)

Anyhow, with the holidays fast upon us and golf, for many, a distant memory and the carrot at the end of a long, seasonal stick, here’s wishing that you 1) hit ’em straight, and 2) hit fairways instead of friends, pins instead of people.

And yell “fore” anyway, just in case.

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