What’s Next: The Leaning Tower of Tee-sa?


I can’t think of many great golf innovations to have come out of France—unless your post-round libation is Grey Goose. But in keeping with the French spirit of joie de vivre comes a delightful new product that won’t hit the ball longer or straighter, but is sure to cause some laughs in your group: Eiffel Tower golf tees.

tees2Unbreakable soft-plastic tees that look like Paris’ most famous landmark, they are 2.8 inches high and come in four colors—black, white, pink, and red. Not yet for sale on this side of the Atlantic (perhaps in a few months), they’re available online at www.vanitee.fr: One dozen tees cost 6 euros (about $8.50) plus about another 3 euros shipping.

The website will be in English soon, but even a smattering of high-school French should be enough to figure it out now. (I couldn’t resist running this other photograph just because it is so French.)

Just think of the possibilities: tees that look like the Empire State Building, Seattle’s Space Needle, the CN Tower in Toronto… And for the biggest-headed drivers, the new world’s-tallest building in Dubai.

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