Trade in, Trade Up

Here's one from my personal collection of golf shoes, the Adidas Tour 360.

A few weeks ago I wrote about my personal experience with golf shoes, including the Adidas Tour 360, the model I wear the most.

Well Adidas just upped the ante in the shoe wars with a trade-in promotion: bring in any old pair of golf shoes, from any manufacturer and in any state of disrepair, and get $20 off a new pair from Adidas, any model they make. Hell, the shoes you trade in don’t even have to be golf shoes, they can be anything, and who does not have a ratty old pair of shoes or sneakers kicking around?

Okay twenty bucks is not earth shattering but if you were going to be buying new golf shoes for this summer anyway, every little bit helps – especially these days. The promotion runs through July 5th.  They have a site explaining the policy and offering a retailer in your neck of the woods

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