Six Easy Everyday Choices for Finding Better Relationships


Are you stuck in your dating life?  Are you having trouble attracting the right person or even anybody at all?  You are not alone.

Recently I was coaching a twenty-something who was stuck not being able to attract anyone into their dating life.  They had not had any success in nearly 18 months, but in less than a week were able to attract three very interesting attractive folks.  It may not happen as quickly for you, but the choices are so simple and they work.  The following is what we covered and it’s about everyday choices we can all make.

Are you focused on love or fear? Do you criticize, judge, or envy others?  Are you afraid of not having enough or losing what you have?  Do you find it difficult to forgive or give?  Do you tend to worry or feel sad?  Do you obsess about what is missing in your life versus what you have?  Do you express anger or jealousy?  If you answered “yes” to any of these, you are working in an area of fear.  Don’t despair.  Your choice is to visit the underlying belief and change it.  Fear can also be embraced as excitement which is much more attractive.  Every moment you have an infinite variety of ways you can respond to any situation and a love-based response always works best in the long run.

Do you regularly wake-up early or sleep in? We all have dreams and the same amount of time, but those who get up and actually pursue them are more attractive.  Call it ambition, passion, or enthusiasm, but all are attractive energies.  Getting up only an hour earlier and learning and/or doing puts you far ahead of others.  People who are more than dreamers, but are also actively pursuing their dreams send powerful energy into the Universe and actualizing your dreams and goals is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Do your eating habits favor flavor or health? Eating healthy has its rewards.  Consuming for the moment can affect your love life and being chubby and lethargic is not attractive.  White carbohydrates, sugars, caffeine, and salt are tasty and deliciously addictive, like crack cocaine. Taken in excess they’re destroying your body and robbing you of vital energy. Eating healthy will give you more energy, more alertness, and more vigor in the short run and the long-term benefits of healthy eating are an attractive physique, a healthy glow, and general well being.  Drinking lots of clean water helps too.  The choice is yours every time you open your mouth.

Do you listen to music or lectures? For me, music is one of my great joys, but learning is too.  Most people listen to the same music over and over like zombies.  Rather than endlessly listening to music, how about stimulating your brain and growth by listening to lectures on things you know little or nothing about?  Interesting people are far more attractive that dull ones, and there are a wealth of free lectures, podcasts, and courses on the Internet.

Do you play video games or workout? When you have an hour or so free, how are you apt to spend it?  Too many will neglect their bodies and health in favor of immediate gratification.  The all-too-common vice of videogame playing destroys the opportunity for exciting relationships than you might imagine.  A fit healthy body and the exhilarating confidence building of exercising bring you into the power of life – vicarious adventures via Wii or video games don’t.  Get out and get yourself ready to embrace life!

Do you watch TV or read? When you have a moment or two to relax and enjoy yourself, will you stimulate your brain or will you have it stimulated for you?  Will you elect to be a mindless couch blob or will you exercise your brain by engaging in a book?  Like the body, the brain needs exercise too.  Reading will make you a funnier, wittier, and better-spoken person, which again puts you ahead of the legions of couch potatoes, plus your improved creativity and imagination will create all kinds of other opportunities that passive watching will not.

We typically find people who are fit, happy, healthy, ambitious, energetic, and interesting to be attractive.  They standout.  Do you?

It also makes sense that we become what we are trying to attract.  By just making better choices on these five daily seemingly mundane options and also gravitating toward general happiness and abundance as opposed to fear and scarcity, we create a whole new self and energy that cannot help but being attractive to others.  Trust me, it works bigtime!


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