1 + 1 = 4 When You Combine Healthy Eating and Exercise, Says Golf Fitness Coach

Golf fitness Coach Larry Jacobs says, if you eat healthy, you can up your overall health proportionately, a 0 + 1 = 1 equation.   If you add exercise to an otherwise sedentary lifestyle, and don’t change your eating, you’ll have a similar effect, 1 + 0 = 1.  But if you eat healthy and start a regular exercise regimen, Jacobs of www.thingolfer.com , says you’ll have a multiplier effect.  “Suddenly you have 1 + 1 = 4,” an equation that can produce some really significant weight loss and fitness results.

Healthy eating and regular exercise are the basis of Jacobs’ instructional tele-seminar series, “Weight Loss of Golfers,” which he offers four times each year.   A self-taught health expert who’s been helping people get fit through his Thin for Life program for nearly 30 years, Jacobs is a self-described ‘fanatic golfer,’ who took his fitness program into the golf world about five years ago. 

Larry Jacobs (left) and Fred Funk

Since then, he’s helped amateur and professional golfers, including PGA Tour Champions Tour Player Allen Doyle, NBC golf announcer Roger Maltbie and PGA Master Instructor Don Trahan, achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  He’s also helped players like the PGA’s Fred Funk determine a ‘Game Day’ menu that would help him sustain and stabilize his energy throughout each golf round.

 “Overweight or not, the foods you eat have a lasting impact on virtually every aspect of your health,” Jacobs said. “And we now know that the vast majority of chronic disease and illness in America is largely preventable, and in some cases fully reversible, simply by eating some foods and avoiding others.  I just call it ‘eating clean.’”

With his “Weight Loss for Golfers” program, Jacobs says, he can show any golfer “how to go from a ‘fat storer’ to a ‘fat burner’ in two weeks or less, without dieting, counting calories or starving.  “And I actually guarantee this with a very liberal money back guarantee,” he said.

In his world, Jacobs says, you’re either storing fat or burning it, and unfortunately, with an estimated seven out of 10 golfers overweight or out of shape, he says, “most golfers take better care of their clubs than their bodies.”

Jacobs structures his daily program like a game of golf.  “The front nine is from the time you wake up until after lunch.  The back nine is from after lunch until you go to bed,” he said. ”And you can make lots and lots of pars, and some birdies, and maybe a bogey or two, but generally speaking, you can shoot very close to par just about every day of your life.

“You start stringing ‘rounds’ together like that, and you start getting days like that under your belt – shooting a little under or over par, even have a bad round way over – and you would not believe what you can actually accomplish with a few ‘high-tech’ tools like a knife, a fork, a pair of sneakers, the right blueprint, the right mindset and of course, the right coach,” Jacobs said.

“I like to tell my golfers, ‘You ate your way into this mess, now you can eat your way out, and actually eat your way thin,” he added. “It’s not how much you eat that matters, but what you eat that matters most.  When you’re eating the right stuff, you can eat plenty of it without any issues,” he said.

So key to success, is “responsibility and exercise,” Jacobs said.  Nutirition vs. a reduced calorie ‘diet’ is his focus, because he said, the typical eat less, try-and-avoid-my-appetite approach to weight loss, just doesn’t work.  Therefore his approach is “a hypo-allergenic eating plan that combines the right proteins, the right carbohydrates, the right fats and oils in conjunction with some form of physical activity that’s doable for the individual on a regular basis.”

Jacobs focuses on ‘responsibility,’ because he fully believes “you and I need to take responsibility to take control of our health,” not the old model that “we just show up on our doctor’s doorstep when something’s wrong or once a year for a physical.”

 Jacobs’ tele-seminar series consists of four live sessions (which are taped for participants whose schedules conflict with the live broadcasts).  Enrollees also have access to a private members Thin for Life archived learning library.

With his first series of the year already underway, those interested may learn more about the program and its cost or can contact Jacobs through his website at www.thingolfer.com   Other 2012 sessions will begin in late April, June and September.

 Some Larry Jacobs’ Healthy Eating Tips for Golfers

 If you’d like to have the same energy you have walking off the course as you had walking on: 

1)      Hydrate well before and during the round

2)      Don’t eat a big sugary or heavy protein meal before the round; Light protein is OK.

3)      Make some of Jacobs’ trail mix to deal with on-course hunger:  Almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and a sprinkle of raisins.

 At the Turn:


1)      Your homemade Jacobs’ trail mix

2)      Apple, nuts

3)      Whole grain turkey sandwich

4)      Water, not sugary sports drinks, soda or beer

Sample 19th Hole Meal

 Fish, sweet potato or whole-grain rice and 2-3 vegetables; glass of wine or alcohol OK

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  1. Bill Rudisill

    Just wondering if there is a diet program that you sell or is it just a lifestlye change? I cannot find on any of your website links where you specifially outline what to eat.

    thanks Bill


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