Tennis and Golf Make Strange Bedfellows, Indeed

aroline Wozniacki

Golf and tennis make strange bedfellows, quite literally.

We’ve had the somewhat bizarre power couple, Greg Norman and Chrissie Evert, Sergio Garcia and Martina Hingis, Adam Scott and Ana Ivanovic, and now Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki. It’s enough to make the sports paparazzi’s heads spin.

Let’s admit it, the merger of The Great White Shark and The Ice Princess was a tad bizarre. I felt somewhat uncomfortable even thinking about those two together, although they seemed so in love, didn’t they. Well, not quite. That duo broke up after a few years and I honestly believe the world is a better place for it. I guess Norman just couldn’t take looking at all the Grand Slam trophies Evert had in the couple’s study and having her point to his measly little two British Open cups and laugh. They didn’t call her The Ice Princess when she was playing for nothing.

Garcia and Hingis were kind of cute, only because Martina is cute, albeit in a sort of funny, Swiss Miss way. The couple didn’t last very long,  again perhaps because Hingis had too many Majors for Sergio to deal with, or wanted to learn how to play golf (a sure relationship buster). Plus, she had other things up her, umm, sleeve?

Scott’s affair with the gorgeous Ivanovic coincided with the worst slump of the Aussie’s life. Scott may have dumped her for that reason. I would have preferred to lose my playing privileges on the PGA Tour than say goodbye to the Serbian lovely.

Update: Scott and Ana are an item again! The golfer was seen in Ivanovic’s seating row at the U.S. Open for her match on Monday.

The McWozniacki pairing is fun, at least for awhile. There’s not so much baggage between the two. The kid from Northern Ireland has only that one Major, while Wozniacki, a classic underachiever, has none. So no big deal there. Caroline is a good catch for McIlroy, who, let’s face it, doesn’t make anyone think of Robert Redford and has perhaps the worst hairdo known to mankind. Wozniacki is very pretty, has a nice figure and can hit a big forehand. She has nice hair.

As power couples go, McIlroy and Wozniacki are of mild interest. Both shun the spotlight and likely won’t be seen hitting the club scene at the U.S. Open, the tennis version that is, in New York during the next two weeks. Rory is tied up with playing in Europe and Caroline has some business to attend to, like finally winning a Slam after all the hype and being ranked the number female player in the world, even though she doesn’t really deserve that title.

How long will McWozniacki last? I’m guessing a couple of months. How long can Caroline look at that hair, and how long can Rory bear watching his girlfriend choke in another big tournament? Not long.

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