Thomas Bjorn: Now Here’s a Real Feel Good Story

Thomas Bjorn

Tired of “Will Tiger Woods ever return to his old form” stories? Or, “Should Tiger have been chosen to the President’s Cup?” Or, “Will Tiger break Jack’s Major record.” God, I know I am. Forget about it people, he’s toast. Done. Finito. An average player. And I don’t think he really cares all that much. Too much else to do, you know?

Want a real good feel good story to sink your teeth into rather than watch Tiger play cute with the press like he always has, despite the fact that he’s a fallen hero with no present claim to being a great player? Try on Thomas Bojrn for size. His is a wonderful comeback story if there ever was one.

The 40-year-old Dane, who showed such promise as a young player and then endured a stretch of several years when he actually admitted he thought about quitting the game, is suddenly the best player on the European Tour. He fired a torrid 62 on Sunday to run past a pack of the best players in the world, including Lee Westwood, Rory McIlroy and Martin Kaymer, to capture the prestigious European Masters. It was Bjorn’s second straight win and third of the season and puts him squarely in the picture for European Tour Player of the Year consideration.

This is a guy who has endured a tough emotional year despite his remarkably improved play. He lost his beloved father, Ole, in May and broke down at a news conference when he was asked about his dad, who he obviously still carries in his heart and soul. He’s also battled a few physical problems with his shoulder and back. At the age of 40 any injury is a worry.

Bjorn’s reemergence as one of the stars of the game is refreshing and much needed good news in this era of Tiger Hangover. His stellar play, coupled with Darren Clarke winning the British Open recently at the age of 42 (he’s now 43) shows that for some, life does really begin at 40.

Good on ya’, Thomas.

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