Dueling Tiger coaches: Foley, Haney exchange barbs

This might be a first in golf: Dueling swing coaches.

In this corner, you have Hank Haney, the former swing coach of Tiger Woods. In the other corner, there’s Sean Foley, the current coach.

It seems like everything that surrounds Woods these days produces bizarre stuff. Both coaches have been exchanging barbs in interviews and via Twitter.

In an interview at SI.com, Foley said:

“I don’t regret anything that I said about Hank. I’ve said some things that I can’t take back. It’s just that my back was pushed up against a wall so I reacted perhaps in an unprofessional manner. But I’m not going to give anyone credit for how hard I’ve worked.”
Later on, there was this exchange:

Haney once said, “I always felt like I knew Tiger from observing. I did not feel I knew him from knowing him.” Has that been true in your case?

Foley: Hank built most of his career around Tiger. I found most of that interview to be unprofessional. I don’t understand how, if you don’t get to know the person, how you can teach them. There is the business aspect of it where you have to keep things separate from that standpoint, but if you’re spending eight hours a day with this person you have to have some things in common. There was no way I was ever going to be able to stand on the range with anyone who was not kind to people or rude just to make my career better. I could care less about it. There has to be a semblance of ethics and values in the person. It’s interesting to see how hard Tiger works. How kind he is to the people at Isleworth. He’s a solid guy.

Haney then posted the following Tweet:¬† “If you want to be entertained go to Golf.com and read Sean Foley’s latest version of ripping Hank Haney, all I can say is wow.”

All we can say is great stuff. Keep it coming.

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