Is Tiger hurting?

I have been arguing that the issue of Tiger Woods’ health hasn’t been addressed enough in all the analysis about his slump. So naturally this item caught my eye.

Brian Wacker at wrote the following Monday in his Backspin column:

One other thing worth watching with Woods is his health. He spent quite a bit of time stretching during his round on Friday and as I watched him warm up on Saturday, he appeared to be moving a bit gingerly. Woods said his back is fine, but he appeared to be favoring his left ankle just a touch as he walked around the practice green prior to the third round. Remember, Woods is 35 now, has undergone procedures on his knee and right Achilles Tendon and is hard on his body during workouts. Stiffness and soreness may be things Woods has to deal with more than in the past. Of course, he also won a U.S. Open on one leg, but if he’s dinged up at all it may be more difficult, or take longer, to implement the swing changes he’s working on.


I think people underestimate all the wear and tear Woods has endured. He’s an old 35 in terms of golf.

Four knee operations and the Achilles tear. And those are things we know about. Who knows what else is bothering Woods?

There’s such a fine line in golf. All it takes is a subtle compensation for a physical problem to throw a swing completely out of whack.

Is this the cause for all his problems? It certainly deserves more attention in the discussion.

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