Get a Grip

In a world full of dumb and complicated swing aids and other golf products, I was happy to encounter the new Grip Lock Golf Glove at the PGA Show in Las Vegas last week.

Simply put, a standard golf glove has been re-engineered with additional Velcro on the backs of the last two fingers.  An additional strip (pictured left) inserts into the regular Velcro closure then wraps around the entire hand– while it’s holding the club inside the palm– and sticks to the Velcro on the back of the pinkie and ring fingers.

The device was invented by the friend of a golfer who’d lost two fingers in an accident and was having trouble holding onto his clubs.  While the Grip Lock would be perfect for older golfers who are having a hard time maintaining grip pressure, it’s also a terrific teaching tool.  An instructor can now guarantee that the student is maintaining a perfect grip by setting that grip on the club and then wrapping the Grip Lock around hand and club to ensure that the student holds it. There’s also an odd comfort in having something firmly grasping your hand while you swing.  It reminded me of early golf lessons from my father, and and the reassurance of his hand over my hand as I learned to hold a club properly.

The company is so new that they haven’t even included a contact number or email address on their website, but you can call them at 888-9GRIPLOCK.

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