Marking Your Ball– Literally

Just in case you need another example of golfers’ general lack of imagination (and if you are wearing khakis right now this especially applies to you), consider the marks most players put on their golf balls to help identify them in case of a tournament mishap: these marks generally run the entire gamut from one dot all the way to two dots.  Okay, some players draw a line through the name of the ball, and the craziest sticks might go so far as to dot the “i”s in Titleist with a wild color, such as blue.  But the fact is that short of writing your name and address (and thereby encouraging derisive emails from anyone who finds a dozen of your balls in the woods– or in their backyard)– there really aren’t that many great options.

Until now.  Enter Tin Cup “personal imprinting system,” which I encountered recently at the PGA Show in Las Vegas.  I’m not really sure it qualifies as an entire system, but it’s a fine idea, and also fun.  The product consists of a stainless-steel half-shell with a pattern cut out.  Put your golf ball in the shell, use a colored marker to write over the cut pattern, and suddenly a perfect bear or short-haired pointer or the silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock’s body (if you are old enough to remember that from his t.v. show) appears on your ball.

Even better, the company will reproduce corporate logos or other patterns, allowing you to write the whole thing off.  You could even put your own profile on there, if you really want to.

Pair this personal signature with a custom driver skin from Big Wigz Skins, and your identity as a golfer may no longer be related to that crazy hitch in the middle of your backswing.

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