Golf Story I’d Like To See . . .

Golf Resort Director of Marketing Sets New World Record

Trite, AZ: Demonstrating a spirit-numbing lack of imagination, Fairview Resort Director of Marketing Ima Hack smashed all previous records by using the word “breathtaking” thirteen times in a single eight-page brochure for this mediocre desert golf property.  Hack employed the tired, aching adjective to describe, among other things, the following:

  • Vistas from the clubhouse
  • The concierge
  • The Porte Cochere
  • A flank steak

Upon hearing about her own accomplishment—and not recognizing that it was a dubious one—a literally out-of-breath Hack said, “Actually, I suggested to my General Manager that we change the name of the resort—from Fairview to . . . Breathtaking View!”

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