My Best Golf Prediction for 2011

Okay, it’s also my biggest golf hope for the new year . . .

2011 will finally see the demise of the Senior Tour (er, excuse me, “Champions” Tour)—an idea so awful creators had to change the name of this most cynical and misdirected sports marketing effort in history. Sure I loved watching Arnie and Jack back in the day, and was sad to see them retire. And I still love Peter Jacobsen and Freddie and the guys who are actually my age. But a rule of sport should be that when you are too old to compete you have to quit: You don’t get to play for millions of dollars in the “B” League. I mean, would you want to watch Larry Bird and Bill Russell hobbling down the polished hardwood on a “slow break?” I predict we’ll soon take the bazillions in sponsorship dollars squandered on old guys who’ve already enjoyed lucrative careers and channel it into junior golf, toward players with a future.

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  1. Bob

    Have to totally agree with you, Jeff. These guys have been running longer than “Gunsmoke” and their corporate sponsors don’t know when to quit, except that the execs like smoozing with these guys and some of the demographics may still work for some industries.

    Yes, while these guys can still play, their act is getting old like a bad rerun that just won’t go away. Between the lackluster coverage this show got old a decade ago. Other than the sponsors and their clients, the only other people in the golf galleries seem to be the guys from The Golf Channel. Yes, it’s time to pull their plug – booooring! Until then, it’s the best mulligan going.

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