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“The Super-Oversized Game Changing Grips”

Mike Dobbyn & Lon Hinkle

Over a month has passed since the outdoor Demo Day at the  PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando where hundreds of exhibitors displayed many of golf’s newest products and design innovations. Without doubt, the second star of this show was JumboMax® Grips) – a new jumbo over-sized golf grip that may well revolutionize the way the game is played and bring joy to millions. But what first attracted me to their display and inspired me to take a closer look was Jumbo Max was not the two lovely Jumbo Max greeters in mini-skirts decked out in corporate colors, PGA Tour great, Lon Hinkle, or close friend of the JumboMax team, ReMax Long Drive Champion, six foot, eight inch, 300 pound, Mike Dobbyn (who hit one 551 yards to set the current world’s record) – but JumboMax’s diminutive ‘Wee Ferehty’, the inimitable and irrepressible John Mazzanoble – who was without doubt the hand’s down winner of ‘Best Dressed’ award at PGA Demo Day for the sharpest golf shirt. Ever!!

I first approached John to find out if the shirt he was wearing happened to be in my size, so we could switch. Although he declined my generous offer, he handed me a driver with a Jumbo Max grip and urged me to pound a few. After blasting a series of drives far into the distance with just a tiny fade (and as Trevino says: “You can talk to a fade but a hook won’t listen”), it was easy to see how the oversized grip made for an easier, fuller release through impact. I hit the ball farther and straighter, swinging easier by virtue of the grips dimensions. I then hit a series of short shots, pitches and chips with a wedge affixed with a Jumbo Max and immediately noticed how it kept my hands more quiet through impact. To me this was absolutely brilliant. The Jumbo Max helps the long game and the short game.

Mike Kachlik & John 'Wee Feherty' Mazzanoble

John then introduced me to Mike Kachlik, the President of Dominant Golf and the creator of this oversized grip, whose unique background (medical therapy for stress injuries) inspired him to create this product. Mike spent 19 years as an orthopaedic surgical consultant. During that time he helped orthopaedic surgeons(bone doctors) put people back together. An integral part of being a good orthopaedic consultant  is having an in-depth understanding of the human musculoskeletal system and its form and function including the human hand, wrist and arm. It also helped him to understand the effects of traumatic injury and the process and degenerative changes caused by arthritis.

What are JumboMax Grips and how do they work? John explained to me that JumboMax super-oversized grips can quickly and dramatically improve the way golfers of all abilities play the game of golf because they are designed to fit your hands better for superior surface contact and more solid ball striking. The larger diameter of JumboMax grips creates maximum surface contact for a secure and comfortable feel. This in turn allows you to relax your grip on the club for a more fluid and powerful swing. From his two decades of professional experience in the medical field, he knew that “Tension is the enemy of the good golf swing”, and that “Gripping the club too tightly, prevents the club from releasing properly at impact.” The super-oversized diameter and unique design of JumboMax Grips instantly gives a more secure hold and relaxed grip, which frees the hands and arms to release the club naturally, giving you the fluid, effortless and powerful swing.

John then explained how JumboMax Grips fits the hands better and provides better control for more solid ball striking, distance, and accuracy. Plus, the super oversized diameter grip provides substantially more turning power to rotate the club giving golfers of all abilities added distance. John then explained that JumboMax Grips have the added benefit of being extremely comfortable and shock-absorbing. This, I can personally attest to. As Trevino also says: “You can feel it when you drive”. If you have arthritic hands, you will really appreciate JumboMax’s super-oversized, twist- resistant, shock absorbing technology. Every golfer benefits from quiet hands and a relaxed grip. JumboMax will quickly and dramatically improve the way you play.

Lon Hinkle, whose long-hitting, short-cutting exploits causing a tree to be planted overnight at Inverness during the 1979 U.S. Open, says : “I love the feel, the forgiveness, and the performance of these grips. They have a great tackiness to the touch combined with cushioning properties that allow me to gently hold the club with authority. They feel so good I may eliminate that $20 a week glove from my routine. With JumboMax Grips I’ve found that I don’t try to manipulate my shots with the smaller muscles. I’m using more body, less hands. This has resulted in more fairways and greens. I’m especially happy with the improvement in my short game! If I’d had JumboMax Grips on my wedges 10 or 12 years ago, I would have made millions on the Champions Tour. After years of playing golf, I’ve had arthritis issues with my fingers, hands, wrists, and elbows. Using JumboMax Grips I’ve had no pain at all. JumboMax Grips have made golf fun again. I can’t wait to go play!”

What impressed me the most  about the entire Jumbo Max staff  was their laughter and joyful exuberance. They are clearly involved in something important and truly great. And they know it. Because of their pure intentions – of  having the well-being, enjoyment, and performance of golfers as their highest concern – and for exemplifying the best in golf and the best of America — they richly deserve praise as the Best New Golf Equipment of 2011.

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