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EnergyCare’s Energetic Armor

Energetic Armor. Everywhere. A sign of the times. And of the many brands at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show,  EnergyCare stood head and shoulders above the rest. While others featured copper, titanium, tourmaline, magnetic, ionic, or questionable holographic mylar technology, only EnergyCare’s sports bands, health bands, power caps, energy cards (supercharges water) and dream pillows utilize nano technology to improve golfers health, strength, balance, speed, flexibility, and stamina.

The Genius of Nikola Tesla –

EnergyCare’s products are based on the brilliant research and discoveries of the great Nikola Tesla. Tesla,  (1856 –1943), was a prolific inventor, mechanical and electrical engineer whose and theoretical work and patents — the modern alternating current (AC), electrical power systems, poly-phase system of electrical distribution, the AC motor, and wireless radio — ushered in the Second Industrial Revolution. Tesla also pioneered advanced technologies in electromagnetism and free energy specifically designed to heal, strengthen, and protect the human body and mind.

– Human Resonance & Harmonic Waves –

Tesla realized the entire Universe is made of energy, that it vibrates in resonance, and that all matter — solid, liquid, gas, or plasma — possesses a unique vibratory frequency (high, mid-level, and low). The heart of his research delved into Human Resonance (and the Schumann Resonance Field). The Schumann Resonance — much like a tuning fork expressing frequency as musical sound — is the energetic heartbeat of the Earth and vibrational frequency (7.83 Hz) of the Earth’s magnetic field. The human body is an electro-magnetic, electro-chemical organism. This Schumann Resonance Field sustains all life on our planet through its ability to support and maintain the electromagnetic energy fields of all organisms, and its profound influence and dynamic control over all of the electrical and chemical systems within the human body. Attuning the human electromagnetic field to it has positive effects on health, immunity, circulation, strength and stamina. The Schumann Resonance also naturally attunes the human brain to the Alpha and Theta wave frequencies – which facilitate peak performance: the ‘Zone’. We play our best golf in the ‘Zone’. And resonating in tune with the Schumann harmonic waves — the vibrational frequency of the Earth and Nature — allows us to not only effortlessly enter the ‘Zone‘ but to traverse its boundless heights.

To play our best golf we need to be healthy. And to be healthy we must vibrate in tune with Nature.

Tachyons & Molecular Alignment –

Tesla was the first scientist to describe tachyon energy. He discovered that tachyon energy affects sub-atomic structures in an ordering way, aligns molecular structures uniformly, and harmonizes life energy by neutralizing disruptive and dissonant fields. Tesla discovered when tachyons are slowed down they produce energy fields of high density. Energy fields of high density form an invisible ‘Energy Armor’, that Chinese physicians refer to as ‘Wei Qi‘ or ‘Auric Guardian Shield‘. Tesla used  tachyon energy and its positive effect on living organisms to create The Tesla Personal Oscillator — a free energy antenna that enhanced the human energy body and field.

To play in the Zone our energy body & field must be armored. For our energy body & field to be armored we must be aligned.

– EnergyCare’s Technology –

At the core of EnergyCare’s technology is the fact that the human body is 70% water – which vibrates in the range of 8Hz – and naturally emits Schumann Resonance waves. EnergyCare uses Tesla-based Atraxlite resonance & MAP (Molecular Alignment Process) tachyon technologies to harness natural light and energy to realign our body’s water molecules at sub-atomic levels. These positive light frequencies correct cellular imbalances, and counter the harmful electromagnetic energies emitted by the electrical devices surrounding us. By maximizing the body’s ability to absorb natural light into the blood stream, Atraxlite helps us to rejuvenate by supplying red blood cells with more oxygen, increasing the blood flow and Qi circulation.

This not only strengthens (armors) your energy field and corrects unbalanced energy levels in the body, it clears obstructions in the body’s invisible energy circuitry to increase the Qi flow, eliminate toxins, and optimize your cell’s capability to transfer and store vital (Qi) energy. This increase in energy; improved health; better sleep; greater restfulness; increased power, balance, speed, agility, and concentration gives golfers a significant competitive edge.

To play in the Zone, our energy channels and meridians must be open, so our Qi flows and circulates strong, bright, and free.

The EnergyCare ‘Dream Pillow’ (designed to help the body properly repair neurons, strengthen the immune system and rejuvenate the central nervous system) immediately worked for me. The first night I used it I slept more deeply and soundly than I had in years. While I don’t play golf anymore (in a coming article will explain the reason why) EnergyCare’s Sports Bands have put a spring in my step. The armoring effect is clearly evident as I seem to be getting stronger by the day.

The ‘Energy Age’ has arrived, and with it new generation technologies with light frequencies that care for your body. I very highly recommend EnergyCare to every golfer who aspires to greater health, fitness, and peak performance. To Live Life without Limits, visit and be sure to tell them that I sent you.

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    Wow. What an amazing energy wear! Truly admire Human beings’ understanding of the nature, thus the creation…

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