Beyond the Zone

YMJ and Amber Bracelet (c)

On Dec 1st, 2009, over 4 years ago, in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, I played my finest , and perhaps, my final round of golf. I was a very young 57 at the time. And although I shot 63, given the quality of my ball-striking and the poor condition of the greens (which had been poorly aerated and sanded the day before) this 63 should have been 53. From the first shot to the last, I ‘saw’ every shot crystal clear before I hit it, hit every single shot in the sweet spot, and hit the flagstick with my second shot on two of the par 5’s. I began playing golf at age 9 and first slipped into the ‘Zone’ at age 12, but this experience of golf was something else entirely. It was in many way, ‘Beyond the Zone’.

What made this day of golf so different from all the thousands of days of golf that preceded it, was that I was wearing a new type of ‘energy armor’ known in China as Ye Ming Zhu. I wore bracelets on each wrist, a pendant over my sternum and a hand-crafted ‘halo’ on my head, with the glowing pearl situated directly over my pineal gland/3rd eye).

Ye (Night), Ming (Bright) Zhu (Pearl) is a photo-luminescent rare earth crystal that is able to absorb energy (light, heat, Qi), store it, convert it into beneficial coherent energy, then emit it as beautiful, lustrous, healing light. Its quite an astonishing mineral, and there is absolutely nothing else like it on Earth. In Ancient China, Ye Ming Zhu was called the Dragon/Phoenix Pearl – as folklore says these Celestial Creatures created it. Ye Ming Zhu was also considered an ‘Imperial Treasure Stone’ and exclusively owned and coveted by China’s Emperors and Empresses.

I had discovered Ye Ming Zhu’s existence earlier that spring, while teaching golf to the director of Guilin’s (in Southwestern China) world renown Provincial Mineral Museum. After our first lesson we adjourned to his office for afternoon tea to discuss golf and unwind. As his assistant began to pour our first pot of Te Kwan Yin, she placed what at first sight appeared to be a smooth rounded river stone on the tea table, then poured hot water over it.

Immediately this stone lit up and glowed a brilliant turquoise blue. I was speechless, as I had never seen or imagined such a thing possible. I was familiar with fluorescent minerals that glowed in a rainbow of unearthly colors when illuminated by UV light, but this stone brilliant glowed with its own internal light. His assistant told me to put it outside in the courtyard in full sunlight for a few minutes. When I bought it back inside after ten minutes it glowed brilliantly and literally seemed alive. I could see the Qi radiating from it and feel it tingling in my fingertips.

I had been feeling a bit under the weather from something I had eaten, and instinctively placed this glowing stone under my right ear (on my TMJ joint). The pain I had been feeling almost instantly disappeared as the did the swelling in my lymph node. I placed the glowing stone under my left ear and the same thing happened. I spent the next 90 minutes enjoying fine tea, and pleasant conversation with my student, while using this glowing stone as an energetic vacuum cleaner as it removed the pain and congestion from my body and stuck energy from my meridians.

His assistant, who had a degree in Geology, told me everything she knew about Ye Ming Zhu. She shared bits and pieces she had learned from childhood folktales, famous stories about the Ching Dynasty Dowager Empress Cixi and her famous Ye Ming Zhu, and the basics of its chemical composition. At the end of our tea session my body tingled from head to toe as if I was wearing electricity. My walk through the park that afternoon at ‘Golden Hour’ to the bus station and my 2 hour ride back home to Yangshou was unforgettable. Just like my final and finest round of golf.

Ye Ming Zhu not only healed me, it gave me glimpse of higher dimensions, a world beyond the Zone, from day one.


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