Going Beyond Guinness in Ireland

Part of the pleasure of a recent trip to Ireland was that after the golf, there was the beer. Think Ireland and many think Guinness Stout, and stop their thinking right there. I have absolutely no objection to downing pints of the black stuff. But it is nice to see a growing alternative beer scene there as well.

I went in search of it, and I found it, too. I’ll be writing that up in more detail soon (I hope), but in the meantime here’s an introduction produced by videographer Jamie McWilliams, an A Position colleague. A raised pint to Jamie for making me look as good as possible. Sláinte!

Irish Craft beer

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  1. Joe Oberle

    Nice video, Tom. Brought me back to places in the streets of Dublin that I visited about five years ago. At the time, craft beer was hard to find, but I did find a nice IPA at restaurant right on the Liffey, but I can’t remember the name. Started with an Mc, I think (I know, they all do). My son had just turned 18 and had his first beer there. I told he should try a Guinness, and I knew it was his first beer since it took 2-1/2 hours to finish it. Thought Guinness might slow his thirst a bit, but by the end of the trip they were going down much more quickly. He is a craft beer drinker now, though.

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