Key to Golf Travel: Go Light

The key to golf travel, actually, any travel, is to go light.

When I hit the road I pack everything, clean underwear (essential), socks (again essential), shirts, shorts and pants folded neatly (you can always iron them where you stay), shoes, golf balls, a book, toiletries, all in two bags. One, a leather Nike bag, a special gift from my daughter, and the other a media freebie from TaylorMade that has my name emblazoned on it, allowing me to travel like a faux big-timer.

Thus, no hangers, no massive 100-pound rolling suitcase to drag around. Nope, two over-the-shoulder bags that I can whisk to any hotel or golf club with ease and style. The last thing you want on a golf vacation is to be dragged down with “stuff.” If you’re going away for a week, pack for a week, not two weeks or a month as is customary in this “I’ve never got enough stuff” world of ours.

And pack your sticks with loving care, caressed by the finest travel bag you can muster up. And always, always know where they are. On a golf vacation, your clubs are as important as you are.

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