Welcome Back French Open

What a treat today to turn on the tube and welcome the French Open into the living room. The Open at Roland Grarros transitions us from spring to summer and what better place to do so than in Paris. It shapes up as a classic French, with four or five men having a realistic shot at winning the singles title and several women vying for the coveted trophy. As I’ve said before, I like a recharged Maris Sharapova and her blistering ground stokes on the women’s side, but Serena Williams will be difficult to take out if she gets rolling. Novak Djokovic is going for the career Grand Slam but he will be hard pressed too beat Rafa Nadal if the two meet up late. Rafa is most at home on the red clay and he will defend his turf tenaciously. If Rafa’s body can hold up for two weeks he’s the champions again in 2012. However it all turns out, let’s enjoy Grand Slam tennis again for a fortnight and marvel at the quality of athletes that play the modern game.

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