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A purely hit golf ball is a joy and wonder to behold. What the top pros experience in moments of peak performance is open to every golfer all the time. So is the purity of the game, and the golfer’s natural high – the energetic experience we get playing a pure  game, and using golf to help us remember and experience the joys of the Zone. Most people enter the ‘Zone’ by serendipity – by being in the right state (body & mind in sync), at the right time, and place (right location). I will explore various methods of getting into the right state in future posts, as well as the secrets of proper timing. But let’s begin with the aspect of golf which intrigues me most – ‘Power Spots’.

In ancient times it was widely known that certain sites were sacred, were ‘Power Spots’ that radiated energies that healed the body, expanded perception, activated inner abilities, uplifted the mind, and enlighten the Spirit. Before the advent of modern medicine and hospitals, ancient physicians revered these sacred sites, these ‘Power Spots’. Often found on mountaintops, in verdant meadows or virgin forests, by pristine waterfalls, springs, and lakes, or in enchanted caves, or secluded seaside bluffs  —  ‘Power Spots’ were used for healing, rejuvenation, and retreat.

Many civilizations understood an energetic grid of energy pathways cover the Earth. These energy lines — known as synchronic lines, axiotonal lines, ley lines and dragon paths — mirror the energy meridians and acupuncture grid that interpenetrates our physical body: a microcosm of the macrocosm. We often find ‘Power Spots’ at the nexus where these energy lines cross. Such sites were important to the ancients who often constructed temples, gigantic monoliths, or earthworks at these locations.

The alignment of temples, sacred sites, and monuments on these nexus points was practiced by many cultures including the Aztec, Mayan, Inca, Nubian, Druid, and Chinese. Examples of this include the Great Wall in China, Giza Pyramids in Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru, Teotihuacan in Mexico, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and Stonehenge in England. The study of energy lines and nexus points is called geomancy or archeo-astronomy in the West.  Living & building in alignment with the Earth’s energy grid is called feng shui in the East.

Many of the world’s great golf courses are located on ‘power spots’. Just being there will make us feel completely energized, replenished and uplifted. More importantly, ‘Power Spots’ accentuate our ability to enter the Zone, and traverse exalted states of performance – playing in the Zone.

Golf courses built on ‘Power Spots’ have potent, beneficial feng-shui and healing energy, and are often found near mountain tops, meadows, virgin forests, waterfalls, lakes, the high desert, and by the seashore. When visiting any of these courses, the first thing you will notice is an energetic aliveness, and a great sense of well-being. The air literally hums with vitality and Nature seems luminescent – to glow from the inside out. Such courses leave us joyously upbeat and inspired during and after play.

Golf courses built near burial sites, forbidden temples, former battlefields, or sites where tragic human events have occurred often have a turbulent, unsettling energy unless the invisible spiritual forces inhabiting these spots have been properly supplicated and honored. Courses built near or on such sites — like Templer Park in Kuala Lumpur, King’s Island in Hanoi, or ‘Ol Colony in Alabama  — are haunted…and if we are at all sensitive, can energetically depress and drain us.

Certain courses are revered as places where magical events occur, especially during major professional golf championships, including St. Andrews in Scotland, Pebble Beach in California, and Augusta National in Georgia (home of the Masters). But ‘Power Spots’, (and magical happenings) are not limited to pros or such elite courses.

Often, golf courses built near or on places of power are tucked away and far off the beaten track. These are the types of golf courses I always search for and delight to play. I invite you to join me on a global odyssey of adventure, energetic exploration, research, and discovery. You will hopefully gain new insights and understandings as we expand our horizons following these invisible pathways to far distant places, and traverse the Zone at will.

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  1. Ru yi

    Wow! Very interesting! I think in the Eastern Countries especially China, a lot of places are like what you would call ‘power spots’. They have mountains all around and rivers/lakes nearby (‘Great Fengshui’-A Chinese would say) and where Chinese like to build homes and do business…
    Anyway, I’d like to hear more about the power spots.

  2. Monex

    By so doing we have the power to shift EVERYTHING which stems from this…….Ancient people knew well the importance of keeping these sacred energy lines and power spots clear and free of contamination by ego. They knew that the health of their crops the weather the harmony of their village the prosperity of their land all DEPENDED on the condition and health of these sacred energy spots that they were the caretakers of and assigned to keep in balance…….Any casual glance of our modern cities which were originally on sacred points of light to the Native cultures who lived here indicates that this original understanding and wisdom is either lost or not practiced in this area! Through a long tradition of power and control these sacred energy points have been co-opted and hijacked to serve the interests of a few to enhance their personal power and prestige NOT to serve the people the land or the greater good.Is it just coincidence that war was declared on Iraq on the Spring Equinox?

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