Pebble Beach Welcomes All

[March, 2015]–I’d like to say I have $495 to spend on an 18-hole round of golf, but I don’t.

18th Green at Pebble Beach

18th Green at Pebble Beach

Most people don’t have that kind of disposable income, although some golfers with limited resources will find the $495, plus cart, through savings, a credit card or loan to lay down the money to play the most recognized course in the world – Pebble Beach.

Located on the amazingly beautiful Pacific Coast in northern California, Pebble Beach might be considered tame by today’s modern golf design standards, yet this classic masterpiece is easily the Valhalla of golf lore, tradition and spectacular natural beauty.


Pebble Beach Recognition Wall, including the Bing Crosby Wall of Golf Fame

The Pebble Beach Company ownership group knows this, and rather than become all buttoned up in exclusivity, they make it easy for the public to pay homage to the holy land. A marked stop on 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach welcomes tourists with shops and a market, its courtyard gardens, Recognition Wall/Bing Crosby Wall of Golf Fame, Rolex clock and terrace restaurant and lounge overlooking the 18th green.

Clock at Pebble Beach

Clock at Pebble Beach

The only cost of entry is the $10 paid to access 17 Mile Drive, yet with your gate receipt, you can get $10 off a food and drink bill of $30 or more in the terrace restaurant or lounge.  And the food and drinks are delicious.

Cheese plate and Castroville artichoke at Pebble Beach Terrace

Cheese plate and local Castroville artichoke at Pebble Beach Terrace

Clearly, playing the course with carts, or even better, with caddies, would be the ultimate thrill, but enjoying a drink and appetizers on the outside balcony, or a full meal on the downstairs outdoor terrace, while watching foursomes approach and play the 18th green, is pretty thrilling as well.

Inhaling the smell of the course, the ocean air and taking in the panorama around you is simply heavenly.

Specialty drinks or just plain tea at Pebble Beach

Enjoy specialty drinks or just plain tea.

A visit to Pebble Beach should be on every golfers bucket list, even if your shoes are worn and you have a hole in your pocket. Almost like going to church – everyone is welcome. Hallelujah, Pebble Beach!

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