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The Games Begin

Turnberry 08 (62)

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The Open Road

After the Duel in the Sun

<<Return to Turnberry 2 Return to Turnberry 3: May 12, 2008 Two teammates, Hal Quinn and Steve Eubanks arrived last… Read more »

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Auld Lang Syne

God's view of Turnberry

Return to Turnberry 1: May 10, 2008 [I first posted the next five entries on Turnberry on my old blog… Read more »

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Swing Into the Past at Oakhurst Links

Snead 1938

Visits to shrines don’t often lead to hilarity. But then the 1884 Oakhurst Links golf course is unlike other shrines. Oh, there are ghosts on the property, all right, but they’re pretty benign, watching over those engaged in sport, rather than some graver exchange.